Couple Sold Everything To Sail Around The World On Boat That Sank After Two Days

TravelandLeisurePublished: February 12, 2018
Published: February 12, 2018

A Colorado native couple did what most of us only dream of. They quit their job and sold everything in their possession in order to take a stroll around the world by boat. There is just one little problem with their happy story and you are about to find out!

26-year old Tanner Broadwell and his 245-year-old wife Nikki Walsh quit their jobs, sold everything, and bought a boat to sail around the world. They spent years planning and saving for the trip. But two days after they set sail from Key West, Florida, their 28-foot sailboat capsized and sank, taking their dreams along with it.

They spent $10,000 to purchase and upgrade the boat that was already 49-years-old and learned to sail with it along the Gulf Coast from Alabama to Florida. But the still inexperienced sailors hit a glitch on their trip and their boat snagged on something underwater, right as they were about to dock at a small fishing village. The boat began taking on water immediately.

The rescue team reached them after an hour, but the waters they were in were too shallow for the ship to get close and the couple had to abandon the only possession they had. The only thing they could save was their pet pug, Remy.

According to a news outlet, amateur sailors are not the only ones who have problems sailing the particular channel. A local charter boat captain Kenny Keen and “several experienced captains” have been known to hit the sandbars, especially after a storm.

To make matters worse, they will help responsible for cleaning up the wreckage. Out of insurance, it will cost them as much as they paid for the boat they wrecked. Still, the couple said that their dreams didn’t sink with the boat, as they plan to start saving for a new one soon.

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