This Is Why You'll Never See Kate Middleton Take Off Her Coat

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Published: February 12, 2018

The gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge is well known for her distinct, polished, and truly regal fashion sense. Though it turns out, some of her looks may not be by choice.

Apparently, there is an old-fashioned rule that states if the women of the royal family wear a coat in public, they may not take it off! According to Harper’s Bazaar, this is royal protocol.

“When Kate turns up to an event wearing a coat (or a coat-dress, as she so often does), she won’t ever take it off while she's there. Even though she is most definitely wearing a chic dress underneath, taking off a coat is apparently an unladylike action and probably disrupts her outfit choice,” the magazine states.

When she was traveling to Sweden and Norway, Kate showed off the chich she is so well known for with her buttoned-up array of coats. She wore a same black belted trench coat when she played hockey in Sweden, and a red and white houndstooth piece later on.

Another thing that is on the royal protocol is nail polish, or rather specifically, no one of the royal ladies can be seen in public wearing a brightly-colored nail polish, as it is considered ungraceful. The same goes for wearing sheer pantyhose! Apparently, the Queen insists on the ladies being covered up!

So it doesn’t matter if Kate becomes a sweaty mess underneath her coat. She certainly looks used to these guidelines, graceful as ever.

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her impeccable style and incredible grace. When she visited the Great Ormond Street Hospital back in January, the public was stunned by the wonderful red coat that she wore. She was about 4 months pregnant with her third child at the time and did not disappoint with her effortless maternity style.

The coat was in the color of a bright orange hue, with ruffle details on the sleeves, collar and pockets. Called the “Lena coat”, ladies who are stunned by the Duchess’s style could find it at UK retailer Boden, for a price of just $300.

Kate Middleton’s wardrobe choices have seldom been the subject of public scrutiny, but when she attended the 2018 BAFTA awards with her husband, Prince William, she was criticized for the color of her dress. While the rest in attendance wore black in support of the Time’s Up movement, the Duchess wore a hunter green chiffon dress with a black sash. As a royal, however, Kate’s presence and clothing always makes a statement on behalf of Kensington Palace. Since every detail of her appearance is calculated, down to the last curl in her hair, we can safely assume that that same black sash around the Duchess’s waist was her nod to the Time’s Up and Mee Too movement, even though she was unable to fully commit to the look.

What do you think? Was she wrongly accused or not?

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