Make Pancakes The Easy Way With This Pancake Robot

StoryfulPublished: February 12, 201835 views
Published: February 12, 2018

When Miguel’s daughter requested he make a pancake machine out of Legos, he decided to build the pancake robot every kid dreams of. Made of a ketchup bottle, Legos, and some small machinery, Miguel’s Pancake Bot is the perfect stress-free solution to making everyone’s favorite breakfast! Check it out!

Footage shows a DIY LEGO pancake maker created by Miguel Valenzuela, an American maker abroad who came up with this project in order to prove that the nascent robotic-pancake-making scene is a cultural juggernaut waiting to explode.

For his project he uses LEGO cubes and a ketchup bottle to squirt and cook pancake batter on a built-in griddle. Although there is no robotic arm attached to this machine that can feed us directly in our mouth, we can definitely see a future for this sort of device in our homes. Are you DIY oriented and would you trust LEGO cubes to cook your pancakes?

Miguel is proud of his homemade project and if you want to make your own pancake bot you can simply follow his step-by-step instructions.

Everyone loves pancakes, but this parent took pancake making to a whole different level and decided to set up a DIY pancake bot which will make creative and fun goodies for his daughter. Watch how this smart machine creates Mickey Mouse ears to pure perfection. Wow!

This homemade pancake bot is like a DIY culinary printer that stirs your imagination. This loving father was inspired by his daughters Lily and Maia. ‘It’s main aim is to inspire, motivate, and help others realize what their imaginations can come up with’, says Miguel and adds "I couldn't have done this without the support of my friends and family, especially my wife Runi and daughters Lily and Maia."

Credit: Maker Mig via Storyful

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