Rebel Without a Kitchen Episode 9 - Special Features - Now Available on Netflix

FidelGastroPublished: February 10, 2018
Published: February 10, 2018

For those of you that aren't aware yet Netflix recently picked up the first two seasons of Matt's "Rebel Without a Kitchen" show. In this video he watches the fourth episode giving us the inside scoop on the filming as it's happening.

In 2014 Chef Matt Basile had a vision for a show that focused on the growing street food movement and Rebel Without a Kitchen became that show. The show was originally featured on the Cooking Channel and after several successful seasons Matt decided to take his culinary craft in a slightly different direction. With his intrepid team by his side Matt traveled to a wide variety of locations cooking and tasting his way across the nation.

Episode 9 puts us only 4 episodes away from the end of the first season, and fortunately for all you dedicated watchers out there Netflix just launched the second season. Episode 9 is one of Matt's favorite episodes due to the fact that there are 3 of his best friends in it. A few weeks prior to the launch of the show the producer called Matt and let him know that they were having a hard time naming the episodes and it would up to Matt and his crew to name them, including this episode. Matt name the first 9 of them on the plane in fact.

The episode opens up with Matt giving a talk for the Mars Discovery District which was hosting the Small Business Summit that particular year. He was at this time only a few months into actually owning his food truck so he was a little surprised to be asked to speak, but definitely pleased with the opportunity. Apparently food trucks are as heavily regulated as green energy and it just so happens there was a panel discussing food truck regulations, as well as green energy. Matt says he had a great time speaking and notates that the relationship between the city of Toronto and the food truck owners that operate in it has become much more copacetic over the years.

This episode features the food truck making a debut at the University of Toronto's Fall Classic, which is a rather popular football event in the area. Since Matt's 3 best friends are all huge football fans he thought it would be great to have them on the show so he had an impromptu dinner before hand that ended up getting filmed at the condo of another person involved with the show because they were all still living with their moms. One of his friends has a low toleration in general for spicy foods. Of course Matt being the awesome friend that he is sliced up some scotch bonnet peppers, put them in his food and didn't tell him until after he had already eaten them. This is a classic prank and one that can yield hilarious results.

Unfortunately for Matt and his food truck business he ended up having to park a far distance from the entrance, along with the other food trucks. This resulted in a low number of the patrons who came even ending up realizing that food was available. In a last ditch attempt to get some action at the food trucks he got 10 cards from each vendor, went into the stadium and randomly threw them. Anyone that caught one would get free meal from the food truck that was on the card they caught. Despite his best efforts he only broke even for this event. We can all agree that's better than losing money but still not an ideal scenario.

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