BLUEJZ vs Adam LZ BMW 335i Top Speed Race! - The Little 240SX That Could!

ThatDudeinBluePublished: February 10, 2018Updated: February 11, 2018
Published: February 10, 2018Updated: February 11, 2018

New uploads every Monday,Wednesday, and Saturday! For the project car challenge this year, my friend Allen and I decided to put the Bluejz to the ultimate test. Drive from Atlanta with no trailer, race it at Wannagofast half mile event, then drive it to the rest of the events until we headed home. Our first stop we had top out the 509 wheel HP 240sx which is anything but stable. However, with risk comes reward, and it became the little 240sx that could that could for the most part compete with most of the competition. Adam LZ in his big turbo BMW 335i and I had very close trap speeds, so we decided to go head to head. Thanks for watching!

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