Four thieves steal big cow in small car

NewsflarePublished: February 10, 2018
Published: February 10, 2018

This is the bizarre moment a group of thieves in India somehow managed to fit a cow into a small hatchback car and make a successful getaway.

CCTV footage shows the thieves pulling up on a road in Ankaleshwar in Gujarat, India in the early hours of the morning on February 7.

Three of them get out of the vehicle and coax the cow towards them.

The animal is reluctant but they manage to bundle it into the hatchback through the door of the boot (trunk).

A dog comes barking but is shooed away with a stone as another cow in the vicinity stands up in alarm.

The Ankaleshwar police have taken possession of the CCTV footage of the theft and are probing the case.

There have been several incidents of thieves using cars to steal cows either for slaughter or to sell them for money.

Many Indian states have banned slaughter of cows, which are treated as sacred animals in Hinduism.

The ban is being enforced strictly by the present BJP government, which subscribes to the Hindutva ideology.

Many clever cattle thieves use cars to steal and smuggle cows as police rarely check them while looking for stolen animals.

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