Romantic man stages very public proposal on board passenger plane

NewsflarePublished: February 10, 2018
Published: February 10, 2018

A hopeless romantic enlisted help from a member of cabin crew to propose to his girlfriend earlier this month on board a passenger jet thousands of feet up in the air.

Tim Brink, a former contestant on Canada's francophone version of The Voice, was flying to the Bahamas with his girlfriend of more than two years, Kim.

Suddenly, a well briefed flight attendant walked into the aisle holding a series of cards which she revealed in turn bearing the message: "WILL. YOU. MARRY..." At which point Tim leapt from his seat to reveal the final card, "ME".

Fortunately for Tim, Kim accepted his proposal fairly quickly and the two shared a loving embrace as the rest of the passengers applauded.

Amusingly, the couple were not seated together on the flight, so after the drama of the proposal had died down, the lovers were forced to sit awkwardly at least two rows apart.

"I wanted to do an original proposal to show how much I love her and maybe embarrass her just a little bit since she’s not much for crowds," Tim said.

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