Cute Puppy Lilly Falling Asleep Compilation

CharlieTheBeagleandLauraOliviaPublished: February 9, 2018215 views
Published: February 9, 2018

You all remember Charlie the Beagle who adored little girl Laura and looks after her as if he were the mom? Well now that she can take care of herself, Laura brought home a new tiny beagle puppy, for Charlie and for her of course! She named the pup Lilly and she is simply cute. Watch this adorable compilation of Lilly the puppy falling asleep at so many places in the house!

The fantastic trio of two dogs and a little girl is so famous that they got a YouTube Channel, Twitter and Instagram profile where they post all of their videos and photos having fun. This video is all about Lilly and her adorable sleeping habit.

Just like all babies, human and animals, sleep for most of the time, Lilly is no different. You can see Lilly sleeping calmly in her dog bed, together with her favorite toy. She doesn’t choose a place, she falls asleep on the floor, in Laura’s arms, on the couch and wherever she feels like it!

The family doesn’t mind it, they enjoy looking at their smallest family member sleeping. The unconditional love they give to their two dogs is something everyone would like to experience. It must be pretty amazing to share a life with not one, but two beagles at once. We are kind of jealous of this lucky family!

Watch Lilly the beagle falling asleep compilation because it’s a proof that there is nothing more adorable in this world than a sleeping puppy.

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