Angry Drunk Nicked For Smashing ATM Screen With Fist

CENPublished: February 9, 2018
Published: February 9, 2018

A drunken bank customer was arrested after punching a cash machine he could not get to work and smashing its screen to smithereens.

The man’s ATM rage was filmed on CCTV in the lobby of a bank in the town of Mezhdurchensk in central Russia’s Kemerovo Oblast.

The clip shows him failing to get any money of the machine he is using, and becoming angry with it.

He punches the ATM’s screen until it shatters, with shards flying everywhere.

Undeterred, he simply switches to the machine next to the broken one and successfully uses it to withdraw a fistful of notes.

However, he was unable to spend the cash as police alerted by an alarm arrived at the scene shortly afterwards and arrested him.

Police spokesperson Olga Illukhina said: "The man was arrested and he said while being questioned that he wanted to withdraw money, but the ATM was not responding. He got angry and punched it a few times but did not expect it to break."

The unnamed 36-year-old man is reported to be facing a fine of 60,000 RUB (739 GBP).

Russian media report that he had been withdrawing cash to buy more alcohol, though he was already drunk at the time.

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