Actor Loses Front Tooth During Broadcast

CENPublished: February 9, 2018
Published: February 9, 2018

A famous Latin American actor lost a tooth while recording a video message for his fans.

Ariel Levy, a Chilean Jewish actor and singer, was filming a message for his 355,000 followers when the veneer on his front tooth came unstuck mid-sentence and dropped out.

Despite the obvious blooper, Levy saw the funny side and shared the video anyway. He accompanied the video clip with the message: "Today I had a little accident, but it is all right. I have to share it with you. Wait for it..."

The 33-year-old usually enjoys sharing hot pics of his buff body and impressive six-pack but delighted netizens this week with his amusing mishap while attempting to promote an upcoming event.

Nearly 90,000 people have watched the video with over 1,000 netizens commenting.

‘Mebarak1979" remarked: "It is a good thing you shared it because it made us all laugh for a while."

‘Abelazzis’ commented: "Even the most beautiful of us have our faults!"

‘Danythazz’ said: "It can happen to anyone!"

Ariel Levy is best known for playing the lead character in the Nicolas Lopez trilogy Que Pena Tu.

He also played Pablo Parra in Mala Conducta (Bad Conduct), Ariel in Aftershock and Alejandro in The Green Inferno.

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