Driver Lost In Woods Uses Cat Nav To Get Home

CENPublished: February 9, 2018
Published: February 9, 2018

A lost driver used 'Cat Nav' to get home – following a stray moggy that led him out of the woods.

The motorist had got lost in a remote forest on the side of a Japanese mountain with no Sat Nav he when spotted the cat.

He followed the feline along a dirt track before eventually reaching the main road which led him back home.

A video of the mysterious cat, who is said to live in the forest, has now become an online sensation.

The driver, known only by his Twitter name of "zc31s_Monster" posted the footage online.

It was retweeted more than 68,000 times attracting 180,000 likes and 2.83 million views.

The cat can be seen scampering slowly down the path as if inviting the car to follow.

At one point the kindly animal even appears to pause and wait for the car to catch up.

An unnamed passenger who was in the car at the time said: "It’s like he’s saying Oh, I thought you were good from here, but if you need me to, I’ll show you the rest of the way’."

The driver and passenger had decided to do a bit of off-roading when they became lost in the woods late at night.

They were on a dirt path, in an unknown part of Japan, which meant there Sat Nav system was no longer working.

The motorist admits that he would probably have made it out without the cat but his directions certainly helped.

The video attracted hundreds of comments with many Twitter users praising the cat and one even suggesting it was "a forest spirit in disguise".

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