Thrill-Seeking Daredevil Jumps Off A Rickety Bridge Standing At 105ft

CatersTVPublished: February 9, 201811 views
Published: February 9, 2018

This is the stomach churning moment when a daredevil performs a heart-stopping leap off the top of a 105-foot-high bridge. Dylan Balog is the brave man who clambered on top of the iron girders of a bridge in Masontown, West Virginia, USA which stands at the same height as the Tower of London. Footage was filmed on August 16 and is truly mind-blowing!

Watch as this experienced bridge jumper dares himself to jump from dizzying heights. Footage starts with Dylan walking on the iron girders of this bridge at wuthering heights. Then, he unpacks his backpack, unloading heavy rocks from inside it. These rocks serve him to show the actual height of the bridge when he throws the rock down at the water and seconds apart tell the dazzling height at which he stands!

Moments later, we see as Dylan psyching himself up and throwing another rock into the river below, which results in cheers from the audience. Having launched all three rocks to break the surface tension and give himself a landing spot to aim for, Dylan steps out and begins to plummet.

Not many would attempt to jump from a bridge this high, but this brave daredevil took the adventurous jump from a rickety bridge and passed with flying colors. Talk about adrenaline rush!

Dylan must have practiced bridge-jumping in the past, because judging by this video, he is very much experienced in tackling heights. We could only imagine what went in his mind when he was getting ready for the crazy jump, standing on the edge of the iron girders.

Clearly this thrill-seeker seems happy with his jump and films the entire death defying act on his action camera. Would you dare to jump of a bridge standing at these heights?

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