"Bossy Cat Won't Let Dog Inside"

Published February 8, 2018 575 Views

Rumble "Cats are cats, soft, fluffy, lovable and endless fun. Take this cat for an example, she won't let the dog inside, because she is to bossy to handle. And the dog is actually terrified and has unsuccessful attempts to get in. If dogs look out for masters, then cats look down as masters!Simple as that! Dogs are often afraid of cats, who are smaller than them, but they have a good reason for it. Cats are known for their wilderness and attacking skills, so dogs rarely take the risk to fight back. The owner in this funny video had a fun time recording her pets. The cute dog named Dixie can't get to her treat, because one small kitty cat won't let her. The cat keeps pushing the pet door whenever Dixie tries to get through it. Such a rebellious behaviour! We dare you not to laugh while watching this hilarious situation!"