Family Fights Airport Customs Officers, Knock One Out

CENPublished: February 7, 2018Updated: February 8, 2018
Published: February 7, 2018Updated: February 8, 2018

A family of three have been arrested after fighting customs officers at an airport checkpoint in Argentina with one of them even getting knocked out cold.

The melee broke out when an elderly man tried to re-enter customs at the Ezeiza International Airport in Greater Buenos Aires after already passing into the arrivals area.

Local media reported that the man, identified as Ricardo Vidal, entered the restricted area to get medication for his heart condition that was inside a suitcase still being searched.

When he walked back into the checkpoint, officers tried to stop him and as Vidal was being restrained, his adult son and grandson ran into the customs area to assist the elderly relative.

A full-on fight broke out and one customs officer was hospitalised after sustaining a head injury.

The officer had been grappling with one of the family members when he fell awkwardly and banged his head on the floor.

The incident was recorded by airport CCTV. In the footage, the three family members scrap with three officers as stunned bystanders look on.

More security arrives as the brawling men chase each other around the customs hall until the rogue passengers were finally restrained.

The family was returning from their holiday in Brazil and passing through Argentine customs when the simple misunderstanding descended into chaos.

The men were arrested and have been held for several days as an investigation is underway, coordinated by the court of Federico Villena.

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