Organised Gang Steals 1.8M From Luxury Hotel

CENPublished: February 7, 2018Updated: February 8, 2018
Published: February 7, 2018Updated: February 8, 2018

Thirteen robbers staged a daring heist at a jewellery store inside a luxury hotel resort and made off with 1.8 million GBP of goods.

The organised gang managed to smash the store’s glass front, steal the loot and get away in less than three minutes.

The robbery took place on 6th February at the Conrad Resort and Casino in the coastal city of Punta del Este in the Maldonado Department, Uruguay.

Seven suspects have since been arrested while authorities continue to search for the remaining six.

CCTV images captured the moment criminals ran out of the Sensation du Temps jewellery store carrying bags of stolen goods. There were tourists and children around, who are seen running from the shopping area after spying the men as they made good their escape.

Most of the robbers had their faces covered and some wore surgical masks which they then discarded. Police later seized the masks for analysis.

Maldonado police chief Erode Ruiz told local media that the 13 men were of Mexican nationality and officers have managed to detain seven of them.

According to the official, the gang "neutralised" the hotel security guard so that they could carry out their crime "very quickly" and get away without the use of violence.

Some reports suggest that the thieves made off with 1.8 million GBP (2.5 million USD) in spoils, including between 150 and 200 luxury watches.

Following the arrests, Maldonado officials announced that police have managed to return some of the stolen items to the owners of the jewellery store.

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