CCTV Records M6.0 Quake In Taiwan DVD Shop

CENPublished: February 7, 2018Updated: February 8, 2018
Published: February 7, 2018Updated: February 8, 2018

Dramatic surveillance footage from a DVD rental shop has captured the moment a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck East Taiwan late on Tuesday night.

The terrifying video shows a young woman and two other men inside the business in East Taiwan’s Hualien County at just before 11:53pm local time when the ground starts shaking violently.

The woman is thrown left and right, slamming into checkout counter, as DVDs fly off the shelves. Two other men, one of them the shopkeeper, rush into view and head towards the exit, pushing the woman out the frame as well.

The earthquake struck at sea about 18.3 kilometres (11.37 miles) north of Hualien County Hall at a shallow depth of just 10 kilometres (6.21 miles), Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau said, catching many off guard as they slept or prepared to turn in for the night.

The island’s Central Emergency Operation Center reports 88 people still unaccounted for. They are believed to be trapped in the Marshal Hotel, the Yun Men Tsui Ti residential building, and two other residential towers which partially collapsed during the earthquake.

Five people have been confirmed dead, while 254 are injured, some critically, according to the latest figures given at 10:33am local time.

Rescue efforts are still ongoing.

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