Hilarious Footage Shows Dog Singing Along To Owner's Piano Playing

Published February 6, 2018 2,818 Views

Rumble We all know that Huskies can argue, day in and day out. If there were ever vocations in the animal world, we believe that Huskies would be the lawyers; not so much because of their disposition, but because they will whine and whine and WHINE until their opponents back the heck down and give them what they ask for. If only it were that easy…

But did you know that Huskies could also sing? That’s right, the breed has the innate ability to hit a note unlike any other! Take Kuma here as an example, if you don’t believe us!

Abigail LaFleur-Shaffer has captured the hilarious moment her two-year-old Husky, Kuma, decided to attempt to sing along to the piano. While Abigail plays “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones on her piano, the vocal Husky gives his very best shot at hitting the right notes and singing along to the melody.

“Kuma often sings along to the piano, especially when he wants my attention,“ says the Colorado native. “On this day, his singing went on until I stopped playing piano – he will sing along with the piano, guitar, radio and even when there is no music playing.

“I have been playing the piano for 20-years now, but I’ve had Kuma since he was two-months old. Kuma cracks me up, he has such a big personality and he is always surprising me – he’s a lot of fun and makes me laugh.”

Someone give the pooch his Grammy already!