What is in this Black Box? Which has been disturbed to monkeys

Published February 5, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble What is in this black box? Which has been disturbed to all monkeys. Monkeys are very upset for this Black box. They are very scared of this box. Because this box is moving ahead of them. The monkeys are very scared seeing it moving. They were trying to know what's in it and also scaring from this black box when he moves from one place to other place. Because they don,t know what is in it.

One hour they kept around the box so that they can know what's in this black box. One monkey looking brave in this group and he is continuously trying to open this box but its not easy for him to open this box because he don,t know that how to open this box But after passing a little time he was able to open it after lots of tries.

When they opened the box, what did it get out of?
One of the remote control vehicles in this box got out. And that remote control was in my hand. I had more time playing with monkeys through this remote control.

When the car came out of the box then they started playing with the remote control car. But they did not understand that how is this car moving on? You can see in this video that Vehicle tires were rotating very fast and One of the first monkeys tried to stop tires from their mouth then he use their hands for stop the movements of tires but failed. Then again, the other monkey repeat the effort. He is also trying to stop the tires movement with his mouth but failed. because its remote control car.

I just want to play with these monkeys and spend good time with these monkeys with the help of this remote control vehicle. My time was great when i making this video. I can never forget those moments. Its very interesting and amazing moments for me. Its too much entertaining moments.

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