Mormon Missionaries Caught On CCTV Practicing Hilarious Pickup Lines

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Published: February 5, 2018

Do you know what is even more embarrassing than actually uttering lame pick up lines to another human being - practicing those same lame pick up lines with your best buddy and pal and getting caught on CCTV camera, uploaded on social media and leaving your priceless fumbles to posterity!

These young Mormon missionaries, doing their standard rounds, have just seen a cute girl about the house and decided to divert their plans and engage in activities of a rather more amorous nature.

While (in)patiently awaiting for the bell to get the attention of the hosts, and preferably of the girl that caught their eye to open the door, they are practicing some lame but also some rather funny pick up lines you might have not heard before. Little did they know, their entire conversation was caught on the CCTV camera shooting the porch of the house.

Watch the video for what comes next.

If you did not manage to catch all what they say, here is some help for you.

- Baby, are you and Angel cause I am allergic to feathers. *coughs*
- You know how to get them…

- Hey baby did you just fart cause you just blew me away.

- Hey Baby do you want orange juice cause I wanna Mountain Dew you.
- That was good. *chuckles*
- Cause that is the main ingredient.
- Oh...

- Hey babe, what does a celestial girl like you do in a terrestrial place like this?

Do you still use these? Share your best or funniest pick up lines in the comments section.

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