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Motherly Gorilla Receives A Box Of Kittens For Her Birthday

This is the adorable moment when a loving gorilla adopts little felines as if they were her own babies. When a box of kittens were introduced to Koko it was love at first sight moment! Watch as she kisses and hugs them with motherly care.

Koko immediately fell in love with ‘Ms Gray’, the tiny gray kitten. Watch how she gently picks the kitty up from the box and stares at it with motherly care, however in the meantime, ‘Ms Black’ falls in love with Koko. Is this love at first sight or what? Koko and her two kittens are becoming one big happy family! Cuteness overload!

In the next footage we see Koko having her fur brushed while the gray and black kittens try to climb on her back, chasing after the comb. Adorable!

It is amazing that this talented gorilla knows to communicate in sign-language. Watch as she signs ‘put on head’ referring to the kitten. She wants to have one on top of her head! After which the little gray kitten enjoys its time on top of the world! Having a gorilla friend must be fun, right?

An adorable footage has emerged showing a gorilla taking care of little kittens. Watch as this adult ape cares for the tiny felines as if they were her own babies. Adorable!

This loving gorilla enjoys playing the role of a mother figure and has seriously taken the motherly instinct and put it into practice with these adorable kittens. It is adorable to witness the unusual connection that these two different animal species have. They sure have bonded in the most adorable way possible!

Footage captures the instant connection that emerged between Koko and the kittens. It isn’t hard to believe that they are now the best of friends, and they even sleep together which is really cute to see. How neat!

Obviously, Koko is a gentle ape and really enjoys taking care of all of them. Her motherly instincts are up in the ceiling and she has a lot of love to share and give! Amazing!

You can support The Gorilla Foundation mission of Conservation through Communication by visiting http://www.koko.org Credit to 'kokoflix'.

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