Injured baby donkey rescued; watch her mama's reaction

Published February 2, 2018 $0.07 earned

Rumble This incredibly sweet, tiny baby donkey was attacked by a wild animal, and she suffered more than a dozen bite wounds. The shock alone might have been enough to kill her. But little Genevieve survived and thrived because of daily wound dressings and the incredible love her emotional mama gave her every step of the way. Watch her mama's reaction during Genevieve's first medical treatment at Animal Aid and meet the little lady today, all healed and so happy.

If the unknown kind citizen had not called the rescue team on time, this adorable beast-of-burden might have not survived. And if the rescue team had taken it a bit casually and had avoided showing up on the scene, it would have never been transformed into a heart-warming survival story!

Indeed, these rescuers have proved that unconditional love and care can indeed do magic!!