Snake rescuer's cobra-kissing stunt backfires

NewsflarePublished: February 1, 2018
Published: February 1, 2018

A snake rescuer’s attempt to show off his skill by repeatedly kissing a wild cobra has landed him in trouble.

Forest officials of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra, India, filed a case against Mahendra Nagre after they came across a video of his daring stunt.

The footage shows Nagre attempting to rescue a fully-grown cobra in an agricultural field near Parner town.

The angry cobra, which has flared its hood in a defensive position, can be seen taking a swipe at Nagre, catching him off guard. But undeterred he moves on kiss the hood at least thrice in the part of the footage available to the officials.

He then puts the cobra in a bag to release it in a nearby forest.

Deputy conservator of forests Sreelakshmi Annabhatula said a search warrant had been issued against Nagre.

“Touching or improper handling of wildlife amounts to cruelty and is prohibited under the Wildlife Act of 1972,” she said.

Akash Jadhav of Wildlife Protection and Social Work Society, Ahmednagar, said many snake rescuers liked to stage stunts without knowing they were breaking the law or taking huge risks.

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