Lunar Phenomenon Captured Once In A Super Blue Blood Moon

Published February 1, 2018 32 Plays

Rumble This incredible time-lapse video shows the super blue blood moon rising over London’s skyline. Sven Rosenstein set up on a hill south west of the city and camped outside just to capture the lunar eclipse which occurred after 152 years. This is a ‘once in a blue moon’ phenomenon, literally!

Footage shows the massive, orange moon rising above the financial district’s skyscrapers some time after 5pm. As time passes by, the huge orb becomes brighter and bigger as it rises up the sky!

This rare “super blue blood moon” phenomenon happened when January’s second full moon coincided with a total lunar eclipse on January 31. Sven Rosenstein, a self-proclaimed astrophotography enthusiast, filmed this mesmerizing timelapse footage and left us in awe. The astronomical event was last reported in Australia over 35 years ago, but had not been seen in other parts of the world for over 150 years.

Take one total lunar eclipse, stir in a blue moon and what do you get? A Super Blue Blood Moon, an event not seen since 1866. Stargazers were treated to a rare phenomenon called the super blue blood moon.

Watching the majestic moon ascend between London’s buildings only to reach its peak above the capital is absolutely mind-blowing. Sven was looking for the perfect location all day, as it was a bit of a gamble where the moon was going to rise. Fortunately, he made the right choice and did a great job! His time-lapse video is truly amazing and presents a marvellous sight in its true colors!