Orcas Swim Close To Children In New Zealand's Bay

NewsflarePublished: February 1, 2018
Published: February 1, 2018

This is the frightening moment when two orcas brushed past two swimming children. Onlookers at Waiheke Island’s Enclosure Bay recorded the terrifying moment when two giant mammals approached a pair of kids in a bay in New Zealand.

Local resident captured the video on January 27 showing the kids frantically trying to swim away as the killer whales headed towards them. Fortunately, the massive beasts can be seen swimming past the youngsters and out to sea.

It is easy to mistaken the fins of whales for sharks. That is why everyone got out of the water, except the two children who were already in the middle of the bay and failed to heard the call to get out. By the time they realised what was going on it was too late, so they panicked and started screaming. The whales must have heard the children calling for help and headed directly towards them.

It is not often that whales come right into the bay as it is quite shallow, but luckily these orcas were not interested in the swimmers. Nonetheless, these two children have quite a story to tell after having experienced a close encounter with two orcas off Auckland's Waiheke Island.

Footage shows the close encounter these scared children had with the drifting orcas while swimming at the bay. The dramatic footage shows orcas heading towards the two children who are screaming for help. However, when they approached the children they ignored their presence and glided through the water past the terrified children, heading out to sea. That was a close call!

We were terrified just watching the video, we cannot even imagine what the adrenaline would have been like for the children. They sure have a story to tell!

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