Blue Moon or Supper Moon in Pakistan

SuperStarPublished: January 31, 2018Updated: February 1, 2018
Published: January 31, 2018Updated: February 1, 2018

Blue moon in Pakistan on 31 January 2018. I made this video on my camera at 8 pm. It's also called eclipse. I had heard that tonight's eclipse. And the moon will look blue. So i made this video.

Do you see this moon? Is it blue? It's quite white in watching
Everybody must watch this video and leave comments in comment box to increase my knowledge and to increase the knowledge of those who are unaware of this fact. So please guide us about blue moon or supper moon history.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section. This is one video that no one is going to want to miss because this is not a spam video. This is an interesting video. Why its interesting? Leave comments in comments box.

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