Elephant Crosses International Border Fence

CENPublished: January 31, 2018Updated: February 1, 2018
Published: January 31, 2018Updated: February 1, 2018

A wild elephant was caught on camera sneaking across the international border between China and Laos.

Security cameras caught the pachyderm stepping easily over border fences on the road to explore the neighbouring territory.

A border soldier seen on the footage wisely decides not to intervene in the unauthorised crossing at around 4.30am.

But he radioed for help and an unknown number of colleagues were sent out to look for it and warn locals.

The Asian elephant, probably an adult female as it is large but tuskless, was crossing from China’s south-western Yunnan Province into Laos at the Chahe crossing point.

Border solider Chen Xiaodong confirmed to media: "We have dispatched two teams of personnel to inform nearby residents about the situation and remind them to be careful and look for clues of the elephant's whereabouts."

But at 6am the elephant was back at the border, having finished its international excursion, and went back into Chinese territory.

Another border soldier named as Li Zhifu said to media: "It's winter now and there's not a lot of food in the forest areas. We often see wild elephants hunting for food in nearby villages.

"This time, the elephant wandered around within our exit port but could not cause any harm because of our efforts. The elephant has now returned to the forest safe and sound."

A rainforest in Yunnan is home to around 300 Asian elephants (Elephas maximus). China gives the species a "first-class" level of protection while the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List rates the animals as Endangered.

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