Lottery Player Faints Thinking Hes Won Top Prize

CENPublished: January 31, 2018Updated: February 1, 2018
Published: January 31, 2018Updated: February 1, 2018

This is the moment a lottery addict faints inside a shop after mistakenly thinking he had won a top prize of millions.

The man surnamed Li, who spends most of his savings on China’s sports lottery, had apparently misread the numbers on his ticket.

Footage from the state lottery business in Taicang City in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province shows Li staring at the numbers in his hand when he suddenly loses consciousness and collapses at the counter.

He banged his head and drew blood during the fall, and others inside the business were fortunately able to help him him up and later into an ambulance.

Authorities who arrived to assist said the man had a history of high blood pressure and appeared to have been "overly excited" after spotting what he thought were the winning numbers on his ticket.

They were not, the police said, and he fainted for nothing.

The owner of the business described her regular customer as a "lottery addict".

He had been inside her sports lottery shop the entire day and she only saw him eat once, she said.

He purchased many different lottery tickets and won back most of what he spent, she said, breaking even at the end of the day.

Li was discharged from hospital later the same day.

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