Grandma Receives Some TLC From Her Loving Sisters

USATODAY_HumankindPublished: January 30, 2018Updated: January 31, 2018872 views
Published: January 30, 2018Updated: January 31, 2018

No matter when, no matter where, no matter why… sisters will never let another sister have a bad hair day.

Having a stout relationship with your siblings is crucial. Together, we learn the ins and outs of everyday life, of loving and caring for one another, as well as the art of giving and receiving. When a great bond is forged between siblings, it transcends into the other aspects of their lives.

That is probably why this video was such a huge viral hit when it got out. Originally titled “ Pretty ‘Till The End”, it only lasts for some 40 seconds, but the message it conveys will stay with you forever. Two elderly sisters are visiting their third one, who is in hospice care. Each one takes her turn, brushing and setting the 97-year-old hair, with huge smiles on their faces. They know that their sister is a beautiful lady, inside and out and that she should be treated as such!

The footage was taken by the granddaughter of the lady in the hospice bed, with the caption: “When my sisters are old, I will brush their hair and make sure they look pretty, until the very end. My grandma got her wish to have hospice in her own home.”

It is one of the most beautiful moments we have seen caught on film, showing the special bond between siblings that can, and should, continue until the very end. See it for yourself!

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