Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl XIV To Raise Awareness About Pet Adoption

WCPOPublished: January 30, 2018
Published: January 30, 2018

The cutest sporting event of the year is coming up and you don’t want to miss it. Join us as we unleash inside scoops on this year's crop of canine players with exclusive interviews from the Ruff and Fluff locker rooms and pre-kickoff analysis.

Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl XIV”, the biggest competition on four legs, unleashes real puppy power. This annual "Puppy Bowl" will kick off on February 4th, 2018, and this year, ninety puppies from 48 animal rescues from 25 U.S. states and territories will be competing.

Over the last few years, the Animal Friends Humane Society in Franklin, Ohio, has routinely sent adoptable puppies to Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl, a high-profile showcase for adoptable animals across the country that airs ahead of the big game.

Boomer, a 14-week-old Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix, as well as terrier mixes Teddy and Bubbles are the shelter's latest furry contestants to take part in the Puppy Bowl. Boomer and Teddy will play for Team Ruff and Bubbles will be a "back-up pup" for Team Fluff.

Don’t miss the big bowl game this Sunday, a real gridiron matchup with players grunting and growling on the field, clawing for every inch toward victory. This year they're playing for more than just barking rights.

The biggest thing about this puppy competition is raising awareness about pet adoption. All the puppies taking part in the bowl are from rescue agencies across the USA and people can adopt the contestant. How cool is that?

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