Uncle Amazes Little Girl With A Mind-Blowing Card Trick

StoryfulPublished: January 30, 201822 views
Published: January 30, 2018

A video of a man amazing his little niece with a simple card trick has gone viral online.Two-year-old Isla is really the best kind of audience any magician could want. She just can’t believe her eyes when her uncle turns a three of spades into a jack of hearts after she blows on the deck of playing cards. That was pure magic!

People have always been intrigued by the unknown, especially after watching professional magicians perform tricks, making them question if it really was magic. Footage shows a man holding a deck of playing cards in front of a sweet toddler girl and is about to perform a magic trick.

Watch how interested Isla is when her uncle tells her that he will make a card change its color and appearance. A little girl was blown away when her uncle pulled a fast one on her. The man seemingly made the card change its color and Isla was watching in pure disbelief.

First the uncle shows the three of spades card and tells Isla to blow into the deck of cards. He covers the card with his palm and when he pulls the card out, it somehow turned into a jack of hearts. The toddler is swept off her feet and is totally amazed by this trick. This video proves that little children truly believe in pure magic and are amazed by card tricks.

Isla must think that her uncle really has magical powers to make a card change its color and appearance and is totally in awe when she sees the card change in front of her eyes. Little did she know, that this is the oldest trick in the book of magic!

Credit: citizen_magic via Storyful

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