Thief Gets Instant Karma As She Slips And Breaks Her Leg

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Published: January 30, 2018

Doesn't take a genius to identity the benefits to having a camera on your doorbell. The first is that you can see who's on your doorstep.

One opportunistic thief learned quickly that crime doesn't pay, after she badly broke her leg in the middle of stealing packages off someone's doorstep. 'Epic fail,' as the phrase goes.

The instant karma took place on a porch in a quiet suburban street in Snohomish County, Washington, leaving her accomplice with no option but to come and save her.

Despite the thief's serious injury, the pair still managed to get away with the goods - although there was probably some explaining to do in ER afterwards.

Home security footage captured by residents of the home showed the thieves rocking up not long after a UPS delivery man had dropped off three parcels at the side door of the property. Couldn't they have just delivered a card? Or left the packages with a neighbour?

The thief is then shown driving past in her black car and, spotting the unguarded parcels just left on the doorstep, jumping out of the vehicle to have a go at nabbing them.

Running over the garden to pick up the parcels, the thief disappears out of view as she picks up her illegal haul and comes back into shot cradling the goods.

But as she tries to quickly make her way back to the getaway car, she is shown slipping on wet grass and breaking her leg in the process. Time for our best Nelson Muntz impression: 'Ha ha!'

Luckily for the would-be thief, her accomplice spots that she's fallen flat on her backside and leaps out of the car to help, even going so far as to carry her in his arms back to the car.

Having successfully saved the floundering thief from herself, the woman's accomplice then makes his way back for the boxes before the pair drive off with their illegally gotten haul.

One of the residents of the house, Lizeth Ababneh, caught the theft on her security system. While she said that she found the video funny - because, y'know, of course it is - it wasn't entirely a laughing matter as the boxes contained medication for her husband.

Apparently, that wasn't the only house the bumbling thieves hit, as they also reportedly stole from one of Ababneh's neighbours' houses during their little spree.

The local county sheriff's office is now investigating the theft. A quick check of the local hospital records should identify the culprit, right?

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