We Couldn't Pass This Laughing Challenge

Storyful Published January 30, 2018 141 Plays

Rumble - They say anything can be cured with a solid amount of laughter. Whether you are feeling bad, sad about something, someone took a stroll along your nerves or you just feel like things are taking a turn for the worse, one event at a time, when someone makes you crack up laughing, everything falls in oblivion.

What we have here is the best thing that can happen to you on a bad day! A compilation of silly, ridiculous things that someone thought it good to catch on camera, worthy of a good laugh. Sure, they might be too ridiculous to laugh about, but hey, that is what makes them funny!

We bet you won’t be able to last through these hilarious video! Not for the faint-hearted, it’s going to take a lot of willpower not to crack under the pressure.

Take a whiff of helium and sing an opera! Make sure you do it in a gym, so that the echo of the hall will give the hilarious sound a boost.

Invite your dog to jump in the car through the car door window. Will it get in on the first go, or will it slide down with a thud, like that poor Labrador did? Poor guy, he really wanted to get in!

Prank your snoozing friend in the shotgun seat when someone tows a semi truck in front of you. Your friend might be scarred for life, but the freak out will be so real, you will all pee in your pants, just of different reasons.

Of course, let’s not forget the Indian gentleman who really, really wanted to be dressed as a Christmas tree. A very, very inappropriate Christmas tree too.

Did we cure you yet?

Credit: Various via Storyful