Rare Sighting Of Caracal Cat Caught On Camera

Caters_NewsPublished: January 30, 2018
Published: January 30, 2018

What is known as the world’s most reclusive has been caught on camera, a very rare event indeed! A couple of paragliders spotted an adult Caracal cat while in the area of Lions Head near Cape Town, South Africa. The video shows the big wild cat prowling the open space, seemingly oblivious of his observers, who are evidently excited to be so close to the animal.

Louis Stanford was shocked to see the animal out in the open during the day, but quickly gathered himself from the shock and began filming this amazing footage. Being nocturnal animals and incredibly territorial, Caracals are extremely rare to see in the wild.

“My friend Iain and I had traveled to Lions Head to paraglide.” says the lucky man. “As we reached our launch mat, Iain spotted the cat in the bushes, finishing up a meal. I started filming, and also approached the cat, which became skittish and disappeared along the ridge.

Caracals have been spotted over at Lions Head very rarely, but no one was able to film their appearance. “We couldn’t believe our good luck at seeing such a rare sight, and we very surprised at how unperturbed it was by our presence” Louis says. “I think it stayed in the vicinity for about 10 minutes before disappearing down the mountain, passing in-between groups of oblivious hikers.”

Caracals are not known to be dangerous to humans, but they do have a reputation as relentless hunters of pets. Many people have reported losing pets in the area, or worse - finding bits of what was once their pet in their yards.

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