Cheeky Toddler Won’t Share Her Milkshake With Dad

Caters_NewsPublished: January 30, 2018
Published: January 30, 2018

Ever tried taking something away from a kid? When something is incredibly easy to do, they say “it’s like taking candy from a baby”, but what they do not say is that when the kid finds out you took it, there will be hell to pay; a tiny, squeaky little hell that will not hold their breath until you say you are sorry for taking what it theirs!

That probably explains why kids have such a terrible time sharing their stuff. Toys aside; if you ask a kid for a bite or a morsel out of anything they are having, you will have to beg on your knees to get some. Sharing might be caring, but that concept is foreign to a toddler.

Still, it didn’t prevent us from having a good laugh at Carly and her firm grasp on that cup of milkshake. Just watch what happens when the two-year-old from New York was asked by her dad Kevin if he can have some of her shake.

It might be her dad, but when it comes to her sweet beverage, the toddler frowns, looks dad deep in the eye and continues to slurp from the huge cup, completely ignoring his request!

Carly’s mom Anna says: “She’s a naturally funny little girl – she’s always doing something that cracks us up, even when she’s doing something like eating or drinking. I think she certainly realizes that she’s being funny, and loves teasing her dad, so I think that’s probably why she didn’t actually share her shake.”

Come to think of it, if we were asked to share our shake, we probably would have done the same thing Carly did. No one is touching our shake!

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