Overtaking Car Spins Out Of Control On Outback Queensland Road

StoryfulPublished: January 30, 201855 views
Published: January 30, 2018

A car spun out of control in outback Queensland when its driver attempted to overtake a van travelling along a single-lane road on Sunday, January 28.

Solomon Hellyer was driving with his family on board near Cattle Creek, western Queensland, when he said the car appeared suddenly at speed and quickly spun out of control as it tried to pass him. Hellyer said they took the driver, a woman who was shaken but uninjured, to the nearest town to seek assistance.

The dash cam footage shows the Hellyer family driving along a narrow asphalt road, going at about 43 miles per hour. The day is sunny and there is not a car in sight. But all of a sudden, a silver Holden Commodore tries to overtake the family car.

The silver sedan zooms past the Hellyers at speed, but loses traction on gravel the left side and spins out of control and into the fields, just feet ahead of the family. The Commodore fishtails from left to right, eventually skidding pout into a ditch and coming to a halt.

Solomon’s wife comes out of the car and rushes over to the crash. The family later said that the driver of the Commodore was “shaken but ok” and they gave her a lift to the nearest town, since their car was “a mangled wreck”.

Social media were quick to defend the sedan’s actions, with many saying that they know there’s nothing worse than being stuck behind a van for miles. But are they right?

Credit: Solomon Hellyer via Storyful

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