Guy Slams Into A Wall At The Train Station Where Harry Potter First Learned About The World Of Magic

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Published: January 29, 2018

At some point in our lives, when we were children, we all believed in fairy tales. We believed that the world is a magical place filled with wonders hiding right around the corner, and that we were actually very special children who can take part in these magical events. So, the idea of getting an acceptance letter from Hogwarts sounded real. People can easily relate to Harry Potter as a child - being angry at the world, he dislikes his home life and wishes for something greater. The news of his new life and specialness came out of nowhere - he was among those lucky children to get the letter. And from there, he goes on to be the savior of the wizarding world and have lots of fun adventures and experience the most fantastical things imaginable.

Ever since the Harry Potter movie came out, the franchise’s fans from far and wide would gather up at Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station in London, mostly to take a photo with the half-immersed cart loaded with fake luggage. This is where Harry Potter first learned about the world of magic that his parents came from, jumping from regular old London onto the Hogwarts Express.

Every kid that has ever seen the movies or even read the book was secretly hoping that one day an owl will bring their invitation to join the Hogwarts School of Magic and they, too will jump to the other side. During a trip to London, Pascal did one of those things that everyone thinks about but no one does. At King's Cross station he actually ran in to the wall at platform 9 3/4 pretending to be a wizard, quickly realizing he isn't one and running off before the crowd realized what happened.

All of that happened because Pascal couldn’t wait for his letter of invitation. So while the crowds were gathering for a photo, the guy ran towards the wall, jumped over the ribbons and literally slammed himself into the “portal”! Everyone present at the tourist attraction was left with their mouths wide open at the sight of this crazy prankster.

After slamming full-force into the wall, Pascal quickly gets up on his feet, fixes his eyeglasses, shouts “F***! It’s closed!” and then goes running back to where he came from. The tourists who witnessed Pascal’s ridiculous attempt to change academia took their sweet time to figure out what was it they just witnessed, before starting to laugh, one by one.

That is what happens when you want to cut lines!

Anyway, do you know the story about the letter of acceptance to Hogwarts? It goes something like this: the letter is sent to British wizards and witches shortly before they finish their first year at Hogwarts. The letter is consisted of a note of acceptance from the Deputy Headmaster or Headmistress of Hogwarts. The ink of the written note is green and it is accompanied by a list of required textbooks and materials for the following school year. Since everything is magical in this school, the way of delivery is unusual too. The letter is being delivered to the chosen pupils by an owl.

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