Bulky Cow Goes Ice Skating Down A Slippery Surface

NewsflarePublished: January 29, 2018
Published: January 29, 2018

This is the bizarre moment when a cow starts sliding down an icy road while balancing on its hooves. Footage shows the animal being carried along by the slippery surface in eastern China.
After sliding on the slippery surface, the animal eventually loses its footing and ends up sliding on its bottom. Hilarious!

This hilarious footage was captured in the city of Wenzhou in China's Zhejiang Province on January 23, by a group of young men from the window of a house overlooking the road, featuring a hulking creature skating down a frozen slope. They can be heard laughing hysterically while watching the comical spectacle from a window.

Moments later, the cow is about to round the corner on its bottom, as the street comes to a curvy point. Unfortunately, what happened next is a mystery! We don’t know what happened to the skating creature and whether its icy journey continued much further down the road.

The poor cow couldn’t stop moo-ving and had to come to terms with its destiny and enjoy the bumpy ride. Watching this bulky creature slide down an ice-covered road in China with such an ease, before disappearing out of sight, has made our day!

Have you ever felt like you cannot control your feet when you are walking on ice? We bet we will look the same as this cow did when it slid down the icy road and lost its balance to the slippery surface. It is a battle you cannot win, so you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


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