Hilarious moment "Caver Keith" gets stuck while giving video lesson

Newsflare Published January 29, 2018 588 Plays

Rumble This is the hilarious moment an experienced British caver got stuck while giving a video lesson on how to get out of an infamous pothole.

In the video "Caver Keith" confidently informs viewers - and his caving pals who are with him in Sidcot Swallet in Somerset - that he will now demonstrate how to get out of The Lobster Pot.

However, things don't go according to plan and "Caver Keith" gradually gets more and more wedged in until he's finally forced to concede - to the delight of his friends - that he's well and truly stuck. His caving buddies pull him out by the arms.

"The Lobster Pot is so called as it's easy to get in but quite tricky to get back out," Keith said.

"In all my years of caving I've always been able to climb out unassisted, that is until a camera was pointed a me," he joked.

"My caving chums thought it was extremely funny."

Keith pointed out that he was never in any danger and always knew that he would get out...eventually.