Stuart Little Caught On Camera Using Soapy Water To Get Squeaky Clean

Published January 29, 2018 65,332 Views

Rumble This is the bizarre moment when a wild rat stands on its hind legs in a kitchen sink, washing itself like a human. This rodent sensation was taken in Huaraz city, Ancash, Peru showing the sight of a rat scrubbing itself with soap!

Footage of the “squeaky clean” rat took the internet by surprise, showing the unusual sight of a rodent standing up on its hind legs, lathering, and scrubbing itself down with soapy water. The rodent appears to be in its element, rubbings the cleanser between his hands and over his body like a human in a shower!

Rats are not known for their cuteness, but this incredible video of a rodent soaping up will change your mind. The tiny creature appears to calmly rub soap into its fur even pausing to scrub its armpits clean.

However, some critics say the rat was either a puppet or it was being controlled using animatronics. A third group suggests that the rat was doused in soap before the video and is frantically trying to scrub it off before it strips away his coat’s vital oils.

Lathering up and scrubbing down, is not something a rat would naturally do. That is why this astonishing footage appears to show a scene from Stuart Little, in which the animated character does have human-like movements and gestures.

However, the chances of finding a wild rat washing itself like a human in a shower, while standing up on its hind legs and washing his armpits using soapy water is next to impossible!