Police search for man who ran through legs of wild elephant

NewsflarePublished: January 29, 2018
Published: January 29, 2018

Indian forest officials are looking for a man who dashed through the legs of a wild elephant.

The incident took place on January 24 at Athgarh forest range in Odisha, East India.

A wild elephant had strayed near a village and people from the area gathered to see it. While some tried to feed it with vegetables, a few took selfies.

One of the onlookers reportedly placed a bet for 200 Indian rupees (3 US dollars) and then slipped through the elephant’s legs.

A video shows the man suddenly dashing through the space between the elephant’s fore and hind limbs. The startled elephant reacts with a kick, which misses him, narrowly.

The man was lucky as several attempts to pose for selfies or try daredevil stunts with elephants have ended in tragedy.

In December 2017, a wild elephant crushed Jaykrushna Nayak, a resident of Angul district, who got too close to it to get a selfie.

Odisha forest officials say they have noticed an alarming trend of selfie-seekers getting close to wild elephants, which wander close to human habitats looking for food.

The chief wildlife warden of the state, Sandeep Tripathy, says the government is planning to organise a special campaign to discourage people from getting too close to wild elephants.

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