Girl gets stuck under fence

NewsflarePublished: January 29, 201846 views
Published: January 29, 2018

This is the amusing moment a girl got trapped under a garden fence.

The footage, captured in Lake Macquarie, Australia, shows Kyah lying on her front on the the ground with half her body on one side of the fence and half on the other.

She eventually manages to squeeze through the hole as her neighbour pulls up the fence.

''I was going to go and get my dog from my neighbour’s house. I usually climb the fence but there was a spider so I thought I would go under it,'' Kyah later wrote online.

''I got halfway and got stuck.''

''I called out to my parents and dad couldn’t get the gate off.''

''Mum was no use as she just laughed and filmed me,'' she continued.

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