Space Station Crew Talks with Kentucky Students, Officials

SpaceVideoPublished: January 27, 2018Updated: February 10, 2018
Published: January 27, 2018Updated: February 10, 2018

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 48 Commander Jeff Williams and Flight Engineer Kate Rubins of NASA discussed life aboard the orbital outpost and the research they have conducted during an in-flight educational event Aug. 31 with students at the Leslie County High School in Hyden, Kentucky. Attending the event was Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Kentucky), the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. Williams is scheduled to return to Earth on Sept. 6, U.S. time, aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft for a landing in Kazakhstan to wrap up his fourth flight in space and a total of 534 days in space over those four flights, the most by any U.S. astronaut. Rubins will remain in orbit until her return to Earth on Oct. 30, on this, her first flight in space.

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