Mesmerizing Video Of Snowy Owl Perching On Ice Float

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Published: January 26, 2018

This is the majestic moment when a snowy owl was spotted floating on ice. A windy day on Lake Ontario made for this mesmerizing scene, as the snowy owl perched on ice for more than 30 minutes and became a bird watcher’s paradise.

Gary Cranfield and his girlfriend, Betsy Waterman were hunting for the perfect owl photo, but produced this majestic video instead. The couple enjoys spending time outdoors, searching for wildlife. Nature enthusiast captured stunning video of a snowy owl resting on a chunk of ice on Lake Ontario over the weekend and the sight is truly amazing!

Cranfield heard that snowy owls had been spotted on the southeastern shore of Lake Ontario near Oswego, so he and Betsy decided to go in search of one. They ended up capturing a video of a snowy perched on some ice in a bay and bobbing with the waves. Amazing!

Snowy owls typically spend most the year around the shores of the Arctic Ocean and Hudson Bay but migrate farther south towards the Canada-U.S. border during the winter in search of food. Snowy owl sightings have been reported as far south as Texas and Georgia.

Using a Canon PowerShot Sx50 camera, Cranfield was able to zoom in on the bird and capture the mesmerizing footage on camera. The couple spent around 30 minutes taking pictures and videos of the bird which seemed to be stuck on the chunk of ice. We assume the photos they took are also amazing, but the video of the movement of the ice best portrays the scene.

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