Man Tries To Prank Cat With Tape, But Cat Is Smarter Than That

NewsflarePublished: January 26, 2018259 views
Published: January 26, 2018

When it comes to pranks, anyone can fall victim to the (sometimes) harmless fun. Pranks can be foul and humiliating sometimes, but more often than not, pranks are just a harmless way of having a good laugh, especially if your victim has a solid sense of humor. But what happens when your victim has no sense of humor what so ever, or better yet, what happens if they don’t share the same common understanding of things as we do? What if they are a cat?!

One man in Beijing attempted to prank his cat by placing two strips of transparent duct tape across the door at the cat’s height. Usually, people do this by taping cellophane on doors and asking people to walk through it. The thin cling film is hard to detect, especially when you are called upon in a huge hurry, making for an exceptionally hilarious sight. With cats, it is a whole different deal.

The man opens the door and skips over the tape, then waits on the other side for the cat to catch up. The one thing we have to say out front is that he made a mistake by placing the two tapes so far apart from each other. The cat runs towards her owner and her head gets stuck between the two piece of tape. Will she meow in confusion or will she break the tape?

Sadly, the cat does neither. When she sees that something is blocking her way, she does what every sentient being would do - she back up and then jumps over the tape.

In the end, it is still a funny video, as we laugh at the human’s lack of ingenuity. Better luck next time, hooman.

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