French shoppers express shock at Nutella 'riot'

NewsflarePublished: January 26, 2018
Published: January 26, 2018

A French shopper gives a funny impromptu piece-to-camera report during chaotic scenes at a supermarket during yesterday's Nutella sale.

In video filmed on Thursday (January 25), Kenny Le Bon films shoppers trying desperately to get their hands on Nutella during a 70 percent discount sale at a supermarket in Ostricourt, near Lille, in northern France.

Le Bon's friend appears in front of the camera during the chaotic scenes and says: "Live from Intermarché! People are crazy! People are crazy!

Le Bon asks, "But, but why are they fighting sir?"

"For some Nutella sir! Yes for some Nutella," he replies.

The supermarket chain Intermarché reduced the prices of the chocolate hazelnut spread from 4,70 to 1,70 euros.

The filmer described the scene as like “a riot” saying "he never saw that in his entire life."

He later wrote online: "It was a show. ... People were ready to fight. It was shocking. There was a restriction of three pots per person but many wanted to take more and did not hesitate to leave the shop to then come back in.

"I was really shocked by people's egoism and disrespect."

In the video, we can also hear him saying: "Mate, I am ashamed to be human."

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