Superdog Replaces Stick With Tree Trunk To Play Advanced Fetch With Owner

Caters_NewsPublished: January 26, 201816 views
Published: January 26, 2018

A hilarious footage has emerged of a superdog carrying a tree trunk across the road. Apparently this tough dog decided to level up and replace old boring tree sticks with tree trunks.

Footage shows an adorable dog carrying around a huge tree trunk in its mouth as he tries to play fetch with its owner. Wally, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, found the trunk during a walk with his owner, and decided to try and carry it around.

Cliff Lambson, from Truckee, California, USA, found this behaviour hilarious, so he decided to capture his dog’s heroic moment on camera, during their walk near Lake Tahoe, California.

During their walk Wally found a long stick, but as soon as he found this tree trunk he swapped the stick for the bigger toy. Cliff assumes that the trunk probably weighed about 40lbs, and was so heavy that his back feet were rising off the ground as he walked! Hilarious!

Reportedly, Wally dropped the huge trunk a few times and tore chunks of wood out, which reduced the load enough so he could handle it better, and carry it around in his mouth. Owner explains that his pooch likes sticks, logs, tree stumps, i.e. anything that is wood-related.

Can you imagine carrying around a tree log and playing fetch with 40lbs of wood? This superdog doesn’t mind the load and is likes to raise up his challenges. The bigger and heavier, the better!

Have you ever witnessed anything like this? A superdog mistaking tree trunk for tree stick and carrying it around in its mouth across the road in order to play fetch with owner!

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