How To Win An Argument On The Internet

curiosityPublished: January 25, 20182,970 views
Published: January 25, 2018

Why is it so hard to win online arguments? There's a lot of psychology at play, but here's how you can overcome it. Cody Gough from explains the science behind confirmation bias, the backfire effect, and motivated reasoning, and helps you understand how to actually change someone's mind!

Cody suggests that even if facts are on your side and 99% of the scientists agree, and even if you have literal video evidence, but why can’t you win an argument online?

It is actually your brain that doesn’t want you to change your mind about what you already believe in. The only way to fight it is to specifically look for evidence that proves you wrong. On the flipside of that bias there is the backfire effect. This makes you believe something more when you see evidence against it. Therefore, if an article proves you wrong you consider it be fake news. If an expert finds evidence you don’t like, you believe that he isn’t that much of an expert.

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