These Stray Dogs Gathered To Watch Over Lost Friend

Newsflare Published January 25, 2018 6,037 Plays

Rumble This clip only proves just how strongly dogs feel when they lose someone. Originally posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo, it is a demonstration of true love.

A driver in Lanzhou, China could not swerve fast enough to avoid a dog coming out of nowhere on the street in front of them. The result is tragic. The driver didn’t stop to take care of the dog whose life they took, so they continued on their merry way. What the driver didn’t is that the pooch had four other friends close by who witnessed the whole thing and were devastated by it.

The mourning dogs stood in the middle of the street, surrounding their fallen buddy and would not budge for any car that came their way. Other drivers saw the bunch of dogs in the street and went around them.

Everyone who saw the clip felt for the dog’s sorrow. One Weibo user commented: “If only humans could be more like these dogs.” According to the person who recorded this heartbreaking scene, all four dogs stood there until someone came to move the dead dog’s body away.

This is exactly why dogs are called “man’s best friend”. They have a keen sense for empathy, making them the ultimate companions. Dogs have been part of our joy, happiness and sorrow for centuries, so make sure your dog knows how much you love it.