Home invasion 2.0 preview coming 3/25/2014

DARKDYNASTYK9SPublished: January 25, 2018Updated: February 9, 2018
Published: January 25, 2018Updated: February 9, 2018

HOME INVASION 2.0 coming to you live hopefully tomorrow! All filming is done but first info abroad your "The HULKS" new video tonight! This is sample of Home invasion 2.0 starting "ace" this is a executive protection k9 in civil protection training! Please do not attempt this at home we are professionals! Do not muzzle your dog for long periods of time EVER! It restricts there breathing a lot and can only be on for short periods of time! Just don't do it leave it to the pros! this is a "civil protection exercise" teaching a dog about front door breaching quick attacks we sprong this on him randomly obviously the muzzle he new he was working but never seen this decoy or person be4 this is as close to real as you can get! Ace is a wonderful animal stay tuned tommorrow for home invasion 2.0!! Are you safe???? Www.DarkDynastyK9s.com

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