Plane Struggles To Land In Strong Winds At Dusseldorf Airport

Newsflare Published January 25, 2018 426 Plays

Rumble This is the blood-chilling moment when a plane battles gale-force winds on landing at Dusseldorf airport. Severe weather conditions often present challenges for pilots landing their planes in bad weather. The video shows a plane experiencing strong turbulence, swaying side to side before landing successfully.

In the footage, filmed on January 19 in Germany, the aircraft struggles to land in strong winds , but eventually makes a turbulent descent onto the runway after being continuously battered by the wind. This plane landing may be one of the most terrifying landings even caught on camera. This plane was spotted struggling to land at Düsseldorf airport after strong gale winds spread at the airport.

Footage of the incident shows the terrifying landing as the pilot attempts to line the aircraft up with the runway. The strong wind blockade causes the plane to sway and tip mid-flight for several moments before the pilot eventually manages to bring the aircraft under control and straighten it up, before landing on the runway.

We have seen footage of thousands of crosswind landings at several airports, but this chilling crosswind landing is extremely hard and extraordinary. At first it looks like a normal crosswind approach but after touchdown the pilots tried to align with the runway as the plane tethered from side to side, which looked pretty incredible!

It is worth pausing to consider how humans can still expertly control machines. One of the more spectacular machines to control are airplanes of course. This spectacle of a human manipulating a machine is Germany's Dusseldorf airport has left us with a thought of how little pilots are praised for the demanding task they perform!